Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chaser to end tonight

And I think it's about time too. After three and a half years the ABC comedy The Chaser's War on Everything is airing its final episode tonight after years of laughter and controversy.

To tell you the truth, if you told me two years ago that the Chaser was over, never to return, I would've been quite upset and disappointed but after this year's series I'm glad it's finishing up.

Plus the proof is in the pudding, the ratings this year have been well down, hovering around the 1 million mark most of the series, where as in previous years it was pushing 2 million. This shows the scandals and 'off' jokes haven't impressed viewers this year and therefore the plug has been pulled.

This year The Chaser had it's series cut to just eight episodes and was suspended by the ABC for two weeks because of its sick 'Make a Realistic Wish' sketch. Most weeks you would always here about a Chaser stunt in the media, which in the past propelled their ratings to the top, but these days they are doing more harm than good for themselves.

So it's about time it's over but lets hope they invent something new down the track to intrigued us once again.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Extra Saucy Pic of the Week

This week see's my two favourite things come together for the Extra Saucy Pic of the Week they are girls in bikinis and a nice juicy burger. And Hills star Audrina Patridge has done just that with this beauty of a shot whilst filming a commercial for a burger chain.

Audrina is known to get around alot in skimpy bikinis and aren't we here at The Extra Source happy about that.

Hmm feels like lunch time, I wonder what's on the menu...Audrina??

Extra Saucy Meter: Juicy

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hey Hey It's BACK!

Yes it's true! The show that we loved to watch every Saturday is returning to our screens. Hey Hey It's Saturday is coming back after ten years for two Reunion specials and with the possibility of a brand new series.

Host Daryl Somers and Channel 9 confirmed the two shows will be screened later this year, most likely October and would be a mix of nostalgia and new material. And if they rate well, Nine will look at doing a new series.

Somers is believed to be over the moon about the decision and now there is a mad scramble to get the cast back together. Favourites like that funny hand puppet Dickie Knee and Plucka Duck will most certainly be there. But Somers really needs the other cast members like Red, Wilbur, Molly, John Blackman, Livinia Nixon, Russell Gilbert and Ernie Carroll who played Ossie Ostrich to make this show a hit again.

Hey Hey was a family show. It appealed to people of all ages and it's something that Australian audiences have been missing since the show ended in 1999 after a 28 year run. I for one was a devastated little 12 year-old in '99 when the show was axed having grown up with it. And I'm extremely excited to see it back even if it is for just two Reunion episodes.

Many people bag the show, saying it's corny or Daryl is the most irritating man on television. And I guess Australian TV and audiences have come a long long way since Hey Hey was on last but I do believe if they do it right, Hey Hey can bring families back together on a Saturday night to enjoy fun, games, live music and a few laughs.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Missing Stars: Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin was one of the biggest child stars of all time. He was best known for his work in Home Alone 1 & 2 playing lead character Kevin McCallister and at the height of his fame was regarded as the most successful child actor since Shirley Temple. But where has this former child superstar ended up? The Extra Source’s Missing Stars has tracked him down.

Mac as he was known starred in some of the biggest family movies of the late 80s and early 90s. Hits like Uncle Buck, My Girl, Richie Rich, the Home Alone series and even made an appearance in his good mate Michael Jackson’s film clip for 'Black or White' and now is the godfather to all of Jackson’s three kids.

Towards the mid to late 90s Mac quit acting, divorced his parents and got married at just 17 years of age and then divorced shortly after. In 2004 Mac spent some time in jail for drug possession.

So apart from all the craziness in recent times, Mac has actually starred in a few light roles. What I do know about him is that these days he likes to choose his roles more carefully. Since 2003 he has appeared in a few movies called Party Monster, Sex and Breakfast and Saved! He has also done a bit of voiceover work in an animated comedy called Robot Chicken. In 2009 Mac joined the cast of Kings, a US drama series based on the Biblical story of King David. However, it only lasted one season and has since been axed.

I was a major fan of Mac’s work when I was growing up having owned all his movies and absolutely idolised him. But if you think about it child actors very rarely grow up and continue to be successful stars especially when you’ve had the up bringing that Mac had. They all seem to end up in rehab or prison from time to time in their life. It’s a shame they turn out like this, but no one will ever really know how to deal with the price of fame at that early age. Let’s hope we do see Macaulay Culkin in some major roles in the near future, heck maybe even in another Home Alone perhaps leaving his kids at home!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The 7PM Project dying a quick death

Viewers have slammed Channel 10's new show The 7PM Project and I am one of them. After hearing the news about a month ago that this show would launch after the completion of Masterchef I knew it would be a bomb. Not because it was debuting after the most watched Australia show ever, but because 1. of the concept and 2. of the talent, or should I say lack of talent.

If no one has noticed because they haven't watched this horrible program they are all Rove's little sidekicks getting together to talk about the news of the day. Even co-host Dave Hughes doubted his own performance. He tweeted with this remark after the first show: "Thought everyone did great on 7pm tonite, personally I need to chill, everytime I spoke I thought I was ruining my career," he said on Twitter.

Ruining your career?? Your career is gone. You've left Rove to be part of this crap. The quicker this show ends the better for everyone on the show and viewers of Australian television.

Monday's first episode had quite a solid debut, this is down to I'd say curiosity and having the Masterchef winner on the show. It reached 1,285,000 viewers nationally and was the fifth highest rating show for the night. But last night, figures were way way down for only the second night The 7pm Project hit just 1,073,000 viewers and unlucky 13th on the list of shows for that night. That's a loss of 212,000 viewers after one episode.

I give this show less than a month, I'd say it'll join last year's Taken Out and Yasmin's Getting Married on the Channel 10 scrap heap. Let us Pray.
UPDATED: I think its time to give up on the 7pm Project with another loss of nearly 200,000 viewers. I think the curiosity is over and the axe is being sharpened! Wednesday's figures 874,000 and 21st show of the night.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Akon has another child

Okay the paternity test is in!! While I wouldn't really usually report on the birth of celebrity babies, but I did find this rather interesting. Superstar R&B singer Akon has just fathered his SIXTH child. I know SIX!!

The guys somewhere between 36 and 28 years of age (no one knows how old Akon is by the way) and he has got six kids to four different women.

The latest child was a result of a bit of 'fun' on a recent tour in Uganda. And by the sounds of it he wants more and more.

Talking with New York Daily News, he said: "I think kids are a blessing. [To set the record straight], I never ran away from my responsibilities and I never plan to. Everything I am doing now is for [my other five kids] anyway, so the more kids I can have, the better.

Akon who is famous for the hits songs Smack That and I Wanna Love You is a Muslim, never drunk alcohol and owns a diamond mine in South Africa. I've been listening to this guy's music for about five years now and I didn't know how interesting he was.

So watch out ladies next time Akon is in town as he plans to continue to grow his family, but you may just have to wait for the paternity test to come through before he declares he is the father.
Oh Akon!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Julie Wins Masterchef

Last night the judges declared Julie Goodwin the winner of Channel Ten’s ratings bonanza show Masterchef Australia.
Close to three million Australians witnessed mum Julie take home 100,000 big ones and a cook book deal.
Masterchef Australia, loosely based on a British format took about half the series to actually reach a decent audience and over the past two weeks has reached over 2 million viewers nearly every night.
I never really got into the Australian version of the show, but am a big fan of the British version which format is a lot different and only goes for half an hour.
However, it was hard not to get caught up in the final week of the Australian hit series, as it was all people could talk about all week. Julie or Poh? Julie or Poh? I heard it over and over so much, so I did decided to tune into the finale and it looks like Julie impressed the judges the most to claim the title. What I saw of her I wasn’t a big fan, it look like she used her annoying warm personality and being a typical Australian mother who loves to cook for her family to win over the judges and steal Australia’s hearts. But Julie will probably do well out of her cook book deal as I think that normal Australian families will like her simple, affordable family favourite dishes.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Extra Saucy Pic of the Week

Sunday glorious Sunday just gets better each week. This week there were plenty of entries for The Extra Saucy Pic of the Week but we here at The Extra Source couldn't go past Playboy playmate and former Girls of the Playboy Mansion's Holly Madison.

This week photos were released of Holly shooting for a calender for 2010, which will allow fans to able to see a little bit of Holly each month. Thankyou Lord!!

I bet Hugh Hefner would be pretty pleased with these shots as well as a little jealous having dumped the three Playboy mansion girls which included Holly last year. However I'm sure he'll have plenty of girls there to take his mind off things.

So thanks to Holly Madison, 2010 is shaping up to be a pretty playful and saucy year.

Extra Saucy Meter: HOT

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Missing Stars: Seinfeld

Seinfeld was a classic comedy sitcom running from 1989-1998 and spawned many famous catchphrases that are entrenched into popular culture. Who remembers the "Yadda Yadda Yadda", "You can't double-dip the chip" and "I'm flippin, I'm floppin". But where have the stars of the show ended up, The Extra Source's Missing Stars goes on the hunt.

Jerry Seinfeld (Jerry) the creator of the show has pretty much been out of the spotlight since the show ended in 1998, only doing a few stand-up shows, whilst living off his syndication royalties. But in 2007 he gave us the animated comedy 'Bee-Movie' in which he wrote and voiced to great acclaim. Only last week Jerry Seinfeld appeared in an Australian commercial for the Greater Building Society.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine) won an Emmy in 2006 for her own sitcom 'The New Adventures of Old Christine' which has been very successful for her and shot down any theories of a Seinfeld curse.

Michael Richards (Kramer) has been pretty quiet since the show ended. Until he hit the stage in 2006 at The Laugh Factory in LA where he responded to hecklers with racist remarks during a stand-up routine which really hurt his image and lost him alot of fans. You'll hear him next in an animated comedy called 'Cat Tale' due out in 2010.

Jason Alexander (George) has done many TV guest spots in recent time like in 'Criminal Minds' and 'Friends' and also made some film appearances like in 'Shallow Hal'. Jason still performs stand-up and has also recently signed onto PokerStars and is making a living out of that.

In terms of any more Seinfeld action for the stars there was talk started by Jerry about shooting one last scene after they leave prison, with George saying to Jerry at Monk's Coffee House "That was brutal" in reference to their stint in jail.

I absolutely loved this show, I only became a fan since the show was released on DVD and never really watched it when it was on telly due to me being too young for some of the jokes. But I have now watched those episodes so many times and I'd have to say the jokes are timeless, they never get old and are still relevant today. Many of the situations are unbelievable but you can believe them happening to the characters. While other shows from that era aren't really talked about or referenced anymore, Seinfeld will always lay the platform for any adult situational comedy for years and years to come.

I just wanted to share with you a very clever clip that appeared on YouTube entitled Seinfeld: The Lost Episode see the link to view it

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Hangover 2 is COMING!!

Okay so what I believe to be the funniest movie of all time is coming back for round 2. The Hangover 2 has been confirmed by director Todd Phillips.

This year's The Hangover is the second highest grossing R-rated comedy in history in the US, so it was a pretty good indication that they would roll this one out again but just how will they do it?

When the first one ended you felt there just can't be a sequel, you thought what are they going to get drunk really bad again and a similar thing would happen? No not possible, I mean Mike Tyson only shows up once playing the piano in your hotel room, how about finding a baby in your closet and also how many times can you have a tiger appear in your Las Vegas bathroom?

But I guess they will come up with a new idea and we'll see what happens. There's no doubt it will be popular but it will be very very hard to match the success and uniqueness of the original. I mean look at Bruno vs Borat, it's not really working as well the second time round is it?

The Hangover 2 is due to start production in October 2010 which will put the film in theatres Memorial Day weekend 2011 in the United States.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vanessa Hudgens to play a HOOKER

Some good news for all you fans out there who like Disney starlets all grown up. Lets mention some Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Hilary Duff and now Vanessa Hudgens has broken away from the tweenie image, dumped her High School Musical buddies and left Disney at Disneyland by agreeing to star as a hooker in an upcoming film.

In 2007 saucy pics of Hudgens were leaked onto the Internet showing off some of her very private secrets, but it seems that hasn't effected her and she is now planning to embrace the risque image.

The film is called Sucker Punch and Hudgens plays a character named Blondie and is set in a brothel in the 1950s and as she tells UK's Metro "There's not a whole lot of clothes".

YES!!! I hear you all shout!

She also said "'I think this is my time to really step it up and get to grow up... It will be somewhat different with the content and a few more foul words but that's the biggest difference."

Oh I can't wait for this one!

But you'll have to wait till 2011 for this action-fantasy thriller to be released where Hudgens will also be doing stunts and shooting guns.

Come back tomorrow to find out which other film is due for release in 2011. Here's a hint it's a sequel to a massive movie this year.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cassi gives up promising career

Well I've been telling people this for weeks now and I predicted it. Cassi Van Den Dungen from this year's Australia's Next Top Model series has turned down a career in modelling for a life in the suburbs.

This week after losing the Top Model finale, Cassi was offered contracts with Sydney agent Priscilla Leighton-Clarke (the same agent which represents the winner Tahnee) and a massive contract with Elite Model Management in New York (who represent the US Top Model girls).

Instead the 17 year-old has turned them both down to settle down with her 25 year-old bricklaying soon to be husband.

Cassi-supporter and Top Model judge Charlotte Dawson said she was not surprised the teen had givin up her chance of a big break because of her boyfriend. "After seeing him in the audience at the finale, I thought, 'That guy's going to ruin her life'," Dawson told the Herald Sun.

I knew this from the start, when Cassi was firming as favourite to win the series and was producing great pictures and performances I said her hearts not in it. She kept on complaining, saying she wanted to leave each week. She's one those girls who's way in love with her much older boyfriend and just wants to please him first and doesn't care about her own prospects only his bricklaying business. You only have a short career as a model, maybe 10 year max, so she can't waste too much time living in the suburbs of Melbourne. That's why the show and its fanbase were lucky Tahnee Atkinson won who has a great look and her head screwed on.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Extra Saucy Pic of the Week

Ahh, It's Sunday again and time for The Extra Saucy Pic of the Week. And this week saw American's celebrate Independence Day doing what they do best partying, drinking and cooking a BBQ in a bikini.

This week reality star and socialite Kim Kardashian threw a few sausages on the barbie as she sizzled her way into this week's Extra Saucy pic!

I personally haven't really watched much of Kim's work in the past, but after seeing this beauty I think I'll be taking in more of an interest. If only we were all invited.

What do you guys think?


Friday, July 10, 2009

Seinfeld comes out of 'The Vault' for Newcastle

I thought this was a great story to come out yesterday with comedy superstar Jerry Seinfeld appearing in a commercial for Newcastle based company Greater Building Society.

Seinfeld's only done two commercials in his career and that was for non other than Microsoft and American Express which I'm sure would have thrown millions of dollars his way.

It was apparently a major suprise for the company's CEO to hear that Seinfeld accepted the offer.

Seinfeld apparently co-wrote the scripts which see's him doing a stand-up routine spruiking the branch just as he did in each episode of the highly successful Seinfeld series and filmed the ad in a small town in Long Island made out to look like downtown Newcastle. The funny thing about this is no capital cities will see the ad, only regional centres.

I think this is great and a great piece of marketing genius from the Greater Building Society. It proves you can't help but just ask no matter how crazy and unrealistic you think the idea is.

And visit back next week for Missing Stars: Seinfeld cast.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Missing Stars: Friends

Friends was one of the biggest comedy sitcoms of all time. It ran for 10 seasons from 1994-2004. It shot six unknown actors into super-stardom, and they earned over US$1 million each per episode at the shows peak. But where have they vanished to?

Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) still makes movies quite frequently, with ‘Marley & Me’ being her most successful. She’s never far from the media spotlight due to her relationship dilemmas.
Courtney Cox (Monica) has made a few TV show and movie appearances since Friends wrapped up. Up next for Courtney is a role in ‘Scream 4’ with her husband David.
Lisa Kudrow's (Phoebe) latest project is Executive Producer of a show called ‘Who do you think you are?’ in which celebrities trace their family tree.
Matt LeBlanc (Joey) starred in failed spin-off ‘Joey’ and now works with his production company making TV movies.
Matthew Perry (Chandler) has made a few television appearances since Friends. He recently starred with Zaz Efron on the big screen for ‘17 Again’ playing Efron’s character as an adult.
David Schwimmer (Ross) has probably been the most successful due to his roles in the ‘Madagascar’ series. He has also made a thriving directorial debut with ‘Run Fatboy Run’.

I was and still am a massive fan of Friends, I believe it’s right up there with Seinfeld as some of the best, well-written sitcoms of all time. There was recent talk of a Friends Movie, but it looks like that’s been shot down for the time being and I honestly can’t see them ever doing it. I really don’t think it would translate very well on the big screen, but maybe a TV style reunion special may work someday. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Models' both come out on top

Special Guest Blogger Monique reviews the Top Model final for The Extra Source.

The Australia’s Next Top Model finale held at Luna Park last night saw Perth born Tahnee Atkinson come out on top. Victorian, Cassi Van Den Dungen was more popular with the judges, however the public’s votes won it for Tahnee and she became the fifth winner of Australia’s Next Top Model.

Three out of the four permanent panel of judges that appeared on the show each week, Sarah Murdoch (host), Jonathan Pease (stylist), and Charlotte Dawson sided with 17 year old Tahnee for the reason she is beautiful both inside and out, she's professional and is highly dedicated to a modeling career.

Both Sarah and Charlotte were both concerned that Cassi may not be in the right head space to begin a career as a model. The other remaining judges, Russell James (photographer), Claudia Navone (fashion editor of Harper's Bazaar), Priscilla Leighton Clark (model agent) and Alex Perry (fashion designer) chose Cassi because of her ‘it’ factor and Cassi’s potential for the world market.

The one disappointment of the show is the public vote (which is not done in America’s Next Top Model) which ultimately decided the winner. Yes it's a reality show, but it's a reality show that the winner gains great privileges from the win like modeling representation and makeup contracts. I don’t agree that it should be left up to the public who represent a popularity vote rather than a professional one and it is obvious the professional modeling world and the judges that represented it Russell James, Claudia Navone, Priscilla Leighton Clark and Alex Perry wanted the winner to be runner-up Cassi. Although Cassi didn’t come out on top in last night's finale, Charlotte Dawson has revealed on The Morning Show that Cassi has already scored a New York modeling contract.

So despite whom you wanted to win, whether it be Tahnee or Cassi, it's good to know you don’t need to win a reality competition to make a career out of it.

Michael Jackson: A Beautiful End

This morning I woke up at 2:50am to tune in to an event that I never thought I'd see for a very long time. Michael Jackson's Memorial service today was amazing, emotional and powerful.

The likes of Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie, Usher, Jermaine Jackson all performed their hearts out and paid a very fitting and beautiful tribute to this genius.

As his golden casket laid there fit for a king, special words were said from many of his friends and family. So many beautiful quotes came from the Memorial one in particular stood out for me by long time friend Stevie Wonder, "As much as we feel we need Michael here with us, God must've needed him far more." A perfect line to help all Jackson fans move on.

But perhaps the biggest tear-jerker was when his daughter 11 year-old Paris spoke on stage which seemed very unplanned. When she said "He was the best father you could ever imagine" and that she loved him so much, I think that made the whole world shed a tear...including me.

Long Live The King... Michael Jackson 1958-2009.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Is this Jackson's ghost at Neverland?

It's up to you guys to decide what to make of this story but Michael Jackson fans around the world think that recent footage from a CNN special entitled Inside Neverland has filmed a brief moment of the shadow of Jackson walking across the corridor from left to right before disappearing. Neither the presenter nor the cameraman noticed anything.

This is out of no disrespect to Michael Jackson as I am a massive fan of him but I do think it's quite eerily interesting.

What do you think?

See the vision here Pay close attention to the 17 sec mark. And read further more from this story at The Sun website.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Extra Saucy Pic of the Week

Lady GaGa exploded onto the stage in Toronto recently and explodes into this week's Extra Saucy pic!

Later she even had some dancers on hand to conduct a close manual inspection of the area that had erupted.

I honestly don't think this will be the last of these sexy photos from the Poker Face star, she's been doing alot of head turning in recent times with her crazy outfits and sexy ways.

Keep it up Miss GaGa we are loving every fiery part of you.

Extra Saucy Meter: HIGH

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jackson's Final Performance

Yesterday Michael Jackson's concert promoter for his 50 London shows at the O2 Arena released rehearsal footage of Michael Jackson in fine form as he sung and danced to the hit 'They don't care about us'.

They released this footage to put to bed any rumours that Jackson was on 'deaths door'. Seeing this 1 min 40 sec footage of him performing so well made me really sad and upset as you could tell it was going to be an amazing show and he really puts perfection into everything he does.

It's unbelievable to think of what happened a day later and it's really hard to comprehend how a life can be lost just like that.

It's believed there is over 100 hours of rehearsal footage out there, so don't expect this to be the last you will see. I expect many more MJ DVDs and CDs for years to come yet.

To see this footage click through this link

Friday, July 3, 2009

Ramsay wants restaurant in Sydney

Gordon Ramsay has revealed he is looking at starting up a restaurant here in Sydney. Ramsay who plans to open up his first Australian restaurant in Melbourne next year told the Kyle and Jackie O Show, "We're looking now - there are two or three sites popping up across Sydney."

Ramsay has come under fire in his recent trip after slagging off Tracy Grimshaw at the Good Food and Wine Festival in Melbourne.

For a week there his image was well under the pump copping it from all over the media after the comments he made and Ramsay's star in Australia seemed to be plummeting. But after an apology and a few weeks out of the spotlight things seemed to have cooled down.

While I'm sure the prices will be sky-high for his restaurants in Australia, I'm sure they will be very successful due to his name being attached. I myself am a big Gorden Ramsay fan, loving his many TV shows and antics, so I have to say I would most definitely check out his restaurant if he opened one up here. Would you?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Missing Stars: Susan Boyle

This week's Missing Stars finds us looking for Susan Boyle. The Scottish singer who rose to A-list celebrity status in an instant with her appearance on Britain's Got Talent earlier this year.

Now I'm sure everyone knows the Susan Boyle journey, so let's cut it right down to the pointy end.

She was tipped to win the competition right up until the final week when reports of jealousy over other contestants ran through the media started to give her a bit of a bad name resulting in her losing the competition to British dance act 'Diversity' much to the shock of the public and herself.

Days after the show, Boyle went into meltdown and had a stint in rehab recovering from the trauma of losing the competition.

I honestly think Boyle got a bit big for her boots and let the attention go to her head in the end. Treating the media with no respect, she made out she was the biggest star on the planet and when the competition result didn't go her way she couldn't handle it and now appears to have gone into hiding. So what is she doing you ask? It's believed Boyle is working on an album due out for the Christmas rush, we all know she will be successful because of her journey, but did success enter her head too soon?

I'd love to hear your comments and for any suggestions on next weeks 'Missing Stars'.