Monday, July 20, 2009

Julie Wins Masterchef

Last night the judges declared Julie Goodwin the winner of Channel Ten’s ratings bonanza show Masterchef Australia.
Close to three million Australians witnessed mum Julie take home 100,000 big ones and a cook book deal.
Masterchef Australia, loosely based on a British format took about half the series to actually reach a decent audience and over the past two weeks has reached over 2 million viewers nearly every night.
I never really got into the Australian version of the show, but am a big fan of the British version which format is a lot different and only goes for half an hour.
However, it was hard not to get caught up in the final week of the Australian hit series, as it was all people could talk about all week. Julie or Poh? Julie or Poh? I heard it over and over so much, so I did decided to tune into the finale and it looks like Julie impressed the judges the most to claim the title. What I saw of her I wasn’t a big fan, it look like she used her annoying warm personality and being a typical Australian mother who loves to cook for her family to win over the judges and steal Australia’s hearts. But Julie will probably do well out of her cook book deal as I think that normal Australian families will like her simple, affordable family favourite dishes.