Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chaser to end tonight

And I think it's about time too. After three and a half years the ABC comedy The Chaser's War on Everything is airing its final episode tonight after years of laughter and controversy.

To tell you the truth, if you told me two years ago that the Chaser was over, never to return, I would've been quite upset and disappointed but after this year's series I'm glad it's finishing up.

Plus the proof is in the pudding, the ratings this year have been well down, hovering around the 1 million mark most of the series, where as in previous years it was pushing 2 million. This shows the scandals and 'off' jokes haven't impressed viewers this year and therefore the plug has been pulled.

This year The Chaser had it's series cut to just eight episodes and was suspended by the ABC for two weeks because of its sick 'Make a Realistic Wish' sketch. Most weeks you would always here about a Chaser stunt in the media, which in the past propelled their ratings to the top, but these days they are doing more harm than good for themselves.

So it's about time it's over but lets hope they invent something new down the track to intrigued us once again.