Saturday, August 1, 2009

Internet Radio is taking off

by Peter Lang

Internet radio, what's it all about I hear you ask. Well, it's basically a radio station which operates only on the internet.
One of the biggest and fastest growing online radio networks is GOOM Radio and it currently has two sites where you can access it from.
Also connected with the GOOM Radio Network is a facebook page and even a blogger. I tell you, when it comes to digital media, these guys have got it all figured out and they utilise every online social networking outlet available to them.
They're also growing fast and every day, thousands and thousands of new listeners tune in and select from literally dozens of different radio stations, all with their own specific format. Hits, pop, dance, house, it's all there and the sound is HD quality.
It really is an evolution in internet radio and the websites look slick and very well designed plus easy to navigate around.
I love it but I won't ramble on any further, click on the links below and check it out for yourself. and