Friday, July 10, 2009

Seinfeld comes out of 'The Vault' for Newcastle

I thought this was a great story to come out yesterday with comedy superstar Jerry Seinfeld appearing in a commercial for Newcastle based company Greater Building Society.

Seinfeld's only done two commercials in his career and that was for non other than Microsoft and American Express which I'm sure would have thrown millions of dollars his way.

It was apparently a major suprise for the company's CEO to hear that Seinfeld accepted the offer.

Seinfeld apparently co-wrote the scripts which see's him doing a stand-up routine spruiking the branch just as he did in each episode of the highly successful Seinfeld series and filmed the ad in a small town in Long Island made out to look like downtown Newcastle. The funny thing about this is no capital cities will see the ad, only regional centres.

I think this is great and a great piece of marketing genius from the Greater Building Society. It proves you can't help but just ask no matter how crazy and unrealistic you think the idea is.

And visit back next week for Missing Stars: Seinfeld cast.