Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The 7PM Project dying a quick death

Viewers have slammed Channel 10's new show The 7PM Project and I am one of them. After hearing the news about a month ago that this show would launch after the completion of Masterchef I knew it would be a bomb. Not because it was debuting after the most watched Australia show ever, but because 1. of the concept and 2. of the talent, or should I say lack of talent.

If no one has noticed because they haven't watched this horrible program they are all Rove's little sidekicks getting together to talk about the news of the day. Even co-host Dave Hughes doubted his own performance. He tweeted with this remark after the first show: "Thought everyone did great on 7pm tonite, personally I need to chill, everytime I spoke I thought I was ruining my career," he said on Twitter.

Ruining your career?? Your career is gone. You've left Rove to be part of this crap. The quicker this show ends the better for everyone on the show and viewers of Australian television.

Monday's first episode had quite a solid debut, this is down to I'd say curiosity and having the Masterchef winner on the show. It reached 1,285,000 viewers nationally and was the fifth highest rating show for the night. But last night, figures were way way down for only the second night The 7pm Project hit just 1,073,000 viewers and unlucky 13th on the list of shows for that night. That's a loss of 212,000 viewers after one episode.

I give this show less than a month, I'd say it'll join last year's Taken Out and Yasmin's Getting Married on the Channel 10 scrap heap. Let us Pray.
UPDATED: I think its time to give up on the 7pm Project with another loss of nearly 200,000 viewers. I think the curiosity is over and the axe is being sharpened! Wednesday's figures 874,000 and 21st show of the night.