Friday, July 3, 2009

Ramsay wants restaurant in Sydney

Gordon Ramsay has revealed he is looking at starting up a restaurant here in Sydney. Ramsay who plans to open up his first Australian restaurant in Melbourne next year told the Kyle and Jackie O Show, "We're looking now - there are two or three sites popping up across Sydney."

Ramsay has come under fire in his recent trip after slagging off Tracy Grimshaw at the Good Food and Wine Festival in Melbourne.

For a week there his image was well under the pump copping it from all over the media after the comments he made and Ramsay's star in Australia seemed to be plummeting. But after an apology and a few weeks out of the spotlight things seemed to have cooled down.

While I'm sure the prices will be sky-high for his restaurants in Australia, I'm sure they will be very successful due to his name being attached. I myself am a big Gorden Ramsay fan, loving his many TV shows and antics, so I have to say I would most definitely check out his restaurant if he opened one up here. Would you?