Monday, July 13, 2009

Cassi gives up promising career

Well I've been telling people this for weeks now and I predicted it. Cassi Van Den Dungen from this year's Australia's Next Top Model series has turned down a career in modelling for a life in the suburbs.

This week after losing the Top Model finale, Cassi was offered contracts with Sydney agent Priscilla Leighton-Clarke (the same agent which represents the winner Tahnee) and a massive contract with Elite Model Management in New York (who represent the US Top Model girls).

Instead the 17 year-old has turned them both down to settle down with her 25 year-old bricklaying soon to be husband.

Cassi-supporter and Top Model judge Charlotte Dawson said she was not surprised the teen had givin up her chance of a big break because of her boyfriend. "After seeing him in the audience at the finale, I thought, 'That guy's going to ruin her life'," Dawson told the Herald Sun.

I knew this from the start, when Cassi was firming as favourite to win the series and was producing great pictures and performances I said her hearts not in it. She kept on complaining, saying she wanted to leave each week. She's one those girls who's way in love with her much older boyfriend and just wants to please him first and doesn't care about her own prospects only his bricklaying business. You only have a short career as a model, maybe 10 year max, so she can't waste too much time living in the suburbs of Melbourne. That's why the show and its fanbase were lucky Tahnee Atkinson won who has a great look and her head screwed on.