Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Hangover 2 is COMING!!

Okay so what I believe to be the funniest movie of all time is coming back for round 2. The Hangover 2 has been confirmed by director Todd Phillips.

This year's The Hangover is the second highest grossing R-rated comedy in history in the US, so it was a pretty good indication that they would roll this one out again but just how will they do it?

When the first one ended you felt there just can't be a sequel, you thought what are they going to get drunk really bad again and a similar thing would happen? No not possible, I mean Mike Tyson only shows up once playing the piano in your hotel room, how about finding a baby in your closet and also how many times can you have a tiger appear in your Las Vegas bathroom?

But I guess they will come up with a new idea and we'll see what happens. There's no doubt it will be popular but it will be very very hard to match the success and uniqueness of the original. I mean look at Bruno vs Borat, it's not really working as well the second time round is it?

The Hangover 2 is due to start production in October 2010 which will put the film in theatres Memorial Day weekend 2011 in the United States.