Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hey Hey It's BACK!

Yes it's true! The show that we loved to watch every Saturday is returning to our screens. Hey Hey It's Saturday is coming back after ten years for two Reunion specials and with the possibility of a brand new series.

Host Daryl Somers and Channel 9 confirmed the two shows will be screened later this year, most likely October and would be a mix of nostalgia and new material. And if they rate well, Nine will look at doing a new series.

Somers is believed to be over the moon about the decision and now there is a mad scramble to get the cast back together. Favourites like that funny hand puppet Dickie Knee and Plucka Duck will most certainly be there. But Somers really needs the other cast members like Red, Wilbur, Molly, John Blackman, Livinia Nixon, Russell Gilbert and Ernie Carroll who played Ossie Ostrich to make this show a hit again.

Hey Hey was a family show. It appealed to people of all ages and it's something that Australian audiences have been missing since the show ended in 1999 after a 28 year run. I for one was a devastated little 12 year-old in '99 when the show was axed having grown up with it. And I'm extremely excited to see it back even if it is for just two Reunion episodes.

Many people bag the show, saying it's corny or Daryl is the most irritating man on television. And I guess Australian TV and audiences have come a long long way since Hey Hey was on last but I do believe if they do it right, Hey Hey can bring families back together on a Saturday night to enjoy fun, games, live music and a few laughs.