Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Packed to the rafters with horror!

by Peter Lang

Channel 7's Packed to the Rafters star Jessica McNamee will soon feature in a chilling new Australian horror movie called The Loved Ones with the scary tag line 'You Don't Have To Die To Go To Hell'.
The gorgeous Jessica who plays Sammy Rafter in the hit TV series, takes on a completely different character in this flick, one described as a 'Gothic chick' with black hair, nail polish, lipstick, black clothes and eye shadow.
In fact she is the complete opposite to the lovable character she portrays on the small screen and that, according to film reviewers who have seen a preview of the movie, is what makes her so watchable and appealing in the film.
Not many details are actually known about The Loved Ones except that it is directed by Sean Byrne and also stars Xavier Samuel, who will portray newborn vampire Riley in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie next year.
The leaked plot details, thanks to movienation.com.au go something like this:-A 17-Year-old student, Brent (Xavier Samuel), is still grieving for his father when he declines an invite to the school formal from the quietest girl in school. Brent is then kidnapped by the girl and her father who have their own macabre celebration planned for him.
As a fan of good horror, I like the sound of this movie. The plot sounds simple but effective. Too many times in recent years horror movies have tried to be too complicated and clever with their storyline and simply ended up losing a lot of 'scares' in the process.
It looks this one could become an instant Aussie Classic like Wolf Creek did a couple of years ago which was also based on a very simple premise.
The Loved Ones is set to be released in Australian cinemas and to the world early in 2010. Personally, I can't wait.

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