Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nightmare On Elm Street remake is on its way!

by Peter Lang

In honour of Freddy Krueger and the upcoming NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake, which this story is about, the text will be in 'blood red' just to get you in the mood.
While the movie is not due for world-wide release until April 30, 2o1o horror enthusiasts and children of the 80's (of which I am one) are already getting excited at the prospect of this remake to be directed by Samuel Bayer, who is perhaps better known for directing film clips for bands like Blink 182 and Offspring.
The poster to your left and Youtube trailer below are the first official studio previews of the movie and I must say both look very scary indeed.
The image of Krueger on the left, with his claws prominent is simply chilling while the trailer shows the rebirth of Krueger in a way only Producer Michael Bay knows, slick and scary.
If you're not familiar with the plot of the ELM STREET movies from the 80's, briefly Freddy Krueger is a child killer who escapes prosecution on a technicality but is then hunted down and murdered by the parents of the town's children and burned to death. He returns to extract revenge on every man, woman and child responsible for his demise via their dreams. So if he kills them while they're asleep, they die in reality.
In this movie Jack Earle Haley stars as Freddy Krueger, the role made famous by Robert Englund in the original series and by all reports Englund does make a brief appearance in the remake.
Everything Michael Bay does is brilliant in my book. He's the master of the horror remake having already presided over the re-telling of both The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday The 13th.
If Nightmare On Elm Street is half as good as those two were, then all us horror buffs are in for a real treat.
Check out the trailer below but only if you're not easily frightened. You've been warned.

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