Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Will Britney sing in Australia?

By Nathan Taylor

With Britney Spears headed Australia's way next month to tour for the first time I'd like share with you all what you may be in store for... and it's not all that pretty!

Below is a recently released video of one of Britney's concerts where her voice or should I say singing talent isn't quite up to scratch.

While it may seem pretty obvious that she mimes her way through all of her she shows... well technically she doesn't. As you will see in the clip below she DOES sing, however the audience can't hear her as they listen to a backing track of her singing, BUT she does sing into the mic to fool us all that she singing and her actual singing is picked upped in the control room.

Hard to explain but after you watch this video everyone going to her upcoming Aussie shows will be glad she is miming... or is she?

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