Friday, November 20, 2009

Top 10 Most Overpaid Hollywood Stars

by Nathan Taylor
Will Ferrel is Hollywood's most overpaid star according to Forbes magazine.
Ferrell leads the list, which measures cinema, DVD and TV sales against star's salaries, thanks to the recent failure of his latest comedy Land Of The Lost. The movie cost $100 million to produce and made just $65 million at the worldwide box office last summer.
Drew Barrymore was the most overpaid actress.
The Top Ten are as follows:

Will Ferrell ($3.29m)
Ewan McGregor ($3.75m)
Billy Bob Thornton ($4m)
Eddie Murphy ($4.43m)
Ice Cube ($4.77m)
Tom Cruise ($7.18m)
Drew Barrymore ($7.43m)
Leonardo DiCaprio ($7.52m)
Samuel L. Jackson ($8.59m)
Jim Carrey ($8.62m)

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