Saturday, November 21, 2009

'Cougar' Courtney Cox Hot Shot!

by Peter Lang

It seems the naughties (2000s) is the era of the ‘cougar’or translated, sexy women over 40.
Today’s Hot Shot is indeed one of Hollywood’s hottest cougars. Her name, Courtney Cox, who believe it or not is actually 45 years-old.
Wow…is all I’ll say. Many thought that after ‘Friends’ ended its successful run back in 2004 that the cast would struggle to find success and while that’s somewhat true for a few of them, others like Jennifer Aniston and now Courtney Cox have gone from strength-to-strength since the series folded.
Cox is currently starring in the ABC hit TV series Cougar Town about a recently divorced woman who re-enters the dating game filled with younger men while living and trying to raise her 17-year-old son.
The series is a huge hit in the US and is currently averaging around seven million viewers a week after the first episode pulled in an audience of over 11 million.
Each week viewers get to see the lovely Ms Cox in her underwear (a lot) as all the teenage boys in the street fantasize about the town’s hottest new mom.
Well, we here at the Extra Source are more than happy to feature a gorgeous 45 year-old as our ‘Hot Shot of the Week’. After all, beauty knows no age limits.

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