Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ROVE GONE in 2010!

by Nathan Taylor
Well for the majority of it anyways... but just quietly I hope he is off TV for good!

A Melbourne newspaper confirmed the rumour which has been circulating for weeks that the once popular talk show host wouldn't return until late 2010.

It's believed he will concentrate on the 7PM Project which his production company Roving Enterprises produces. However I don't know why he would waste his time with this rubbish- NO ONE EVEN WATCHES IT! Plus there is no way in God's earth it will be back next year.

Over the past year Rove has lost many fans and viewers for his Sunday night show. With most people claiming Rove isn't as funny as he once was and his show has way too many sidekicks on there trying to but in and be funny.

Bloggers on the popular website TV Tonight responded to the news with glee. One blogger said: "I’d be happy if I never see him on TV again!"

While another said: "Please replace rove with Hamish and Andy….please please please Ten."

I must agree Rove has had his day...10 years in fact... and Channel 10 should seriously start looking at Hamish and Andy as a possible option as a replacement.

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