Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BRAND NEW Michael Jackson This Is It clip released

by Nathan Taylor
With just one week to go before the Michael Jackson's documentary This Is It is released a brand new clip has surfaced to entice audiences to go see the movie...that's if they can still get tickets.
Sessions around the globe have already SOLD OUT for the two-week showing, which is no surprise considering the amount of Michael Jackson fans out there. For instance his official Facebook page has well over 10 million fans...(that must be almost everyone on Facebook)
In this extended clip shown below we see Michael Jackson perform his hit Human Nature in what looks like a number of separate rehearsals cut together to make one song.
Human Nature being one of my favourite MJ songs is performed quite superbly even for a rehearsal and it just further proves that Michael Jackson was a perfectionist.
So see what you think with the clip below and I do hope all Michael Jackson fans pay tribute to him by seeing this movie as it will be unforgettable!

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