Friday, October 2, 2009

The name is Bond...James Bond!

by Peter Lang
James Bond fans will be happy to hear that a 23rd movie installment is in pre-production and will be in theatres by mid 2011.
The film will once again star Daniel Craig (pictured left) as the famous 007 agent with a 'licence to kill' in a plot which is expected to take place partly in New York.
The as yet untitled Bond film will also see the return of Judi Dench and Jeffrey Wright as 'M' and Felix Leiter respectively.
There will also be a new sexy 'Bond girl' but producers are yet to decide whether they'll cast an unknown or well-known actress in this pivitol role.
Jennifer Aniston has been mentioned in dispatches but I can't really see her as a Bond girl, as much as I adore her and I do.
There's no doubt that Bond is back in a big way. The last two movies starring Craig (Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace) both grossed over $500 million dollars at the world-wide box office and I'm sure the new Bond movie, due out in just under two years, will make a similar amount.