Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How much is your favourite Hills star worth?

by Nathan Taylor

If your reading this your either up on The Hills or your not! For the people who aren't this is pretty much all you need to know.

The Hills is an MTV reality TV show which premiered in 2006 and is now up to its 6th season. It follows the lives of several young (beautiful) people living in Los Angeles.

Okay so your familiar?... Good! Now I thought it would be interesting to go through just how much these reality stars get paid per episode... and lets just say it's quite a nice pay packet. All earnings are in US Dollars.
So starting from left to right on the photo above Spencer Pratt who's married to Heidi earns $65,000 per ep and Heidi earns almost double her husband with $100,000 per ep.
The third from the left is Audrina Patridge who also earns a nice crisp $100,000 per ep to put towards her daily shopping spree.
Fourth from the left and in the middle is the girl responsible for the show, Lauren Conrad, who was the star of The Hills until she left last season. She used to make the most receiving $125,000 per ep. The rumour was Lauren asked for it to be written into her contract that she receives more money than the rest of the cast.
Second from the right is Brody Jenner who was once Spencer's best friend and also is a serial dater by hooking up with the almost the whole female cast. He only earns $45,000 per ep.
On the far right we have Lo Bosworth who's Lauren's best friend from school and she too makes $100,000 per episode.
And finally the new star of the show after her enemy Lauren left last season is Kristin Cavallari (not pictured) who earns $90,000 an episode, but expect her salary to go up when she finds out how much the other girls are making.

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