Monday, October 5, 2009

First Look... Ghostbusters 3

by Nathan Taylor

'BUSTING MAKES ME FEEL GOOD'... And in 2012 fans of the Ghostbusters franchise will hear that lyric one more time with the confirmation Ghostbusters 3 will become a reality!

This film over the last two decades has had a rollercoaster life. In the 90's Dan Aykroyd's (Ghostbuster) concept for the third movie revolved around 'Ghostbusters in Hell', the idea being the characters could switch to a negative version of Manhattan called Manhellton.

Then in 2002 Aykroyd suggested the film be animated. Then in 2005 Harold Ramis (fellow Ghostbuster) said he wanted Ben Stiller to join the cast... Can you see how I feel like riding Space Mountain at Disneyland after that!

In September last year Columbia Pictures signed two writers from The US Office TV series to pen a script for the film. The story will feature old and new Ghostbusters.

Aykroyd said this to the LA Times in May this year: "I'd like it to be a passing-of-the-torch movie," he said. Let's revisit the old characters briefly and happily and have them there as family, but let's pass it on to a new generation."

Aykroyd went on to say all the original cast have signed on including Sigourney Weaver and the film could start shooting this winter in the US.

I happened to watch the 1984 original last weekend for the first time and I must say it was very clever and entertaining for its time. I mean the special effects were very budget and a few of the scenes could have been created on Windows Movie Maker, but I guess that's all they had at the time.

The good thing about Ghostbusters 3 is technically it will be amazing with all the special effects technology running through it... but will the cheesy storylines adapt to today's audiences?

Time will tell... three long years in fact!

Let's relive that classic Ghostbusters theme song from 1984 with the clip below... see if you can recognise the big Hollywood stars featured!

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