Thursday, September 24, 2009

XSource Xclusive: Mike Goldman tells how he dealt with Big Brother fame

In PART 2 of this Xtra Source Xclusive interview, former Big Brother host Mike Goldman discusses with Nathan Taylor how he dealt with the fame during his eight seasons on the hit Australian reality show and his future television plans.

Before the hit Channel Ten reality show Big Brother burst into Australian households in 2001, the name Mike Goldman wouldn't have registered in anyone's minds. No one really knew what he looked like or what colour his hair was but as the narrator of Big Brother we did get to know his voice every single night for three months a year.

Then in 2003, Mike Goldman fronted Big Brother's live UpLate show for two hours a night where in most episodes we would watch the housemates either asleep or spooning their fellow 'bed partner'. Goldman would entertain audiences by giving away cash prizes in 'brain teaser' segments and would also make viewers laugh at him adlibbing his way through the show.

However being in front of a camera every night came at a cost for Goldman when more and more people started to recognise him, some nice and some not so nice experiences followed.

"Being on TV everyday, you go out in public and get strange looks from people everywhere," Goldman said. "It doesn’t happen so much anymore but it used to be pretty full on."

Most of the time Goldman could see the positive side to fame.
"You have to see it as something you appreciate," he said. "The fact that people recognise you and they are obviously watching your show and it’s popular."

Then there were times when Goldman became paranoid about what people thought of him, as he would get constant stares from people everywhere he went.
"There were times when I thought why are these people staring at me? It’s really pissing me off'," he said. "You’d have to bite your tongue because people are going to do that because it’s the career you’ve chosen.
"After all it’s your job and you should like the fact that people are recognising you."

Goldman said he knows why a lot of television stars fall into depression due to their fame.
"You get a bit paranoid and I can see how a lot people who work in TV fall into depression," he said. "You start thinking 'what are they saying? Do they hate me? Do they love me? Or are they going to come over and swear at me or are they going to come over and ask for an autograph'."

Just before Goldman and I did this interview he recalled a run in with a child fan.
"I was at this shop in Bondi and this little Spanish girl came over and said 'Can I have an autograph?', he said. "I thought 'someone has put her up to this, she doesn’t want my autograph' .
"I asked her 'Do you know my name?' and she goes 'Yes it’s Mike' and I thought that’s a bit rude of me, sorry."

Goldman said when doing comedy or fun TV shows you've got to psyche yourself up before you go on air and have a good time.
"Never take yourself too seriously, enjoy it and have fun," he said. "If you're going to brush off fans and not speak to people and be rude to them, then don't do it (TV)."

Mike Goldman is currently appearing in Channel Ten's 'The Spearman Experiment' and next year will be doing voice-over work on the new season of 'So You Think You Can Dance Australia'.

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