Saturday, September 26, 2009

Aniston's box office comeback!

By Peter Lang

This story is more than just an excuse to show this sexy picture of one of my long time favourite actresses Jennifer Aniston.
It's a photo which was taken earlier this year to celebrate Aniston's 40th birthday.
I had a crush on her when she first hit our screens in the TV Show Friends in 1994 and I have a crush on her now. I think I always will!
Ok, focus....the other reason behind featuring this wonderful photo is that the impossible in Hollywood has happened and the film career of Ms J Aniston is finally taking off.
After a string of memorable flops during the 90s, like Along Came Polly and Picture Perfect, Aniston is now enjoying a string of popular hits which includes $100 million dollar plus earners like The Break Up and Marley & Me.
Now she's on course in the US for her third hit in a row with the recent release of Love Happens co-starring the popular Aaron Eckhart.
Eckhart plays Dr. Burke Ryan, a successful self-help author about to land a major multimedia deal. As a therapist, he encourages his patients to openly confront their pain. However he is unable to do the same himself while mourning the death of his own wife.
Eckhart meets Aniston, who plays Eloise Chandler, a florist who has decided after a string of disappointments, never to date again but as the movie tag line goes: "Sometimes when you least expect it, love happens."
The film grossed over $10 million in its first week in the US and many are predicting it has the 'legs' to become the sleeper hit of the season. However even if it doesn't reach the dizzy heights of her previous two efforts, there's no doubting that Aniston is back at the box office in a big way.
The film opens in Australia in November. Click below to view the official trailer of Love Happens.

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