Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kyle SAFE... but radio duo AXED!

Good news came through today with Kyle Sandilands dodging a bullet and keeping his radio job on 2Day FM.

While I must admit more people wanted him gone rather than stay on air, his true fans (which I am one of them) will be very happy.

I believe his job was never in doubt despite when The Daily Telegraph and TV news stations claimed through un-named sources that he was skating on thin ice.

It's been confirmed Kyle wont return on air until October 7th and wont be paid during this time, reportedly losing up to $150,000 in pay which will be given to charity says 2Day FM.

It's rumoured Kyle's good friend and singer Brian McFadden will join Jackie O until Kyle returns.

In other news, MIX 106.5 FM stars Sonia Kruger and Todd McKenny have been axed from their breakfast radio job after another big ratings loss on Tuesday.

While this pair may get along really well on Dancing With The Stars, their chemistry didn't really translate on air and the show never really took off.
I'm sure no one will care too much about this one!

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