Thursday, September 17, 2009

The FIVE WORST Superhero movies ever made....

by Peter Lang - In my opinion, the following are the five worst super hero movies I've ever seen.

5 - Hulk (2003) - Director Ang Lee made the most cumbersome, the most visually boring movie of his illustrious career when he made this stinker. All that split screen stuff made me want to vomit while the storyline was just a mess from start to finish . The CGI Hulk looked fake and the best thing about the movie was when Eric Bana (who played Bruce Banner) said..."When I get angry...and lose control...(pause)...I like it!" Too bad I didn't like the movie, in fact I dead set fell asleep in the cinema watching it...during an action scene!!!

4 - Superman IV (1987) - Apart from Christopher Reeve's performance this movie was so bad that I saw it twice, hoping it would improve the second time didn't. Badly edited, with large sections of the story just cut out with no explanation, Cannon Films really bombed with this one. When they cut the special effects budget, they also cut out the movie's soul. Christopher Reeve deserved better than this in his last outing as Superman.

3 - Batman Returns (1992) - What a dreadful sequel this was. Director Tim Burton got confused and thought he was making Edward Scissorhands 2. Slow plot, boring as bats**t, Batman Returns was noteworthy only because Michelle Pfeiffer wore a tight black spandex costume as Catwoman. Meanwhile Danny DeVito over-acted as the evil, manical Penguin. Blahhh....

2 - Catwoman (2004) - Where do I start, no decent action scenes, silly characters, bad acting, stupid premise and at the risk of repeating myself, the only good thing about the movie, this time, was seeing the gorgeous Halle Berry wearing a tight black spandex costume!!! Ole'!!

1 - Batman & Robin (1997) - See the costumes above for one of the reasons why this movie was an absolute stinker. I mean how stupid do they look? Arnold Schwarzenegger had presence as Mr Freeze but his acting left me cold while George Clooney made a good Bruce Wayne but he had no presence as Batman. Alicia Silverstone (Batgirl) and Chris O'Donnell (Robin) were both comical in their performances....without meaning to be. Dumb, Dumb and reminded me of the old 1960s TV Series....If I had some 'shark repellent' close by I think I would have sprayed myself in the eyes just to stop myself from watching it to the end.

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