Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fans call for Aus Idol to be AXED!

Former fans of Australian Idol have bombarded websites and forums expressing their disappointment in this year's contestants and want the long running Channel 10 series chopped!

Ratings for the seventh series of Idol have been way down on previous years. Last Sunday night's Wildcard episode couldn't even crack the 1 million mark only managing 992,000 nation-wide and was the lowest rated episode so far this season.

Fans have had their say on this year's series in big numbers on television blogs like TV Tonight.

One former fan known as Trev said: "Idol is an amateur show. Some acts are good, some not so and some atrocious. As I have mentioned several times earlier, I have not even bothered to watch it at all this season."

Another said: " I love Idol. I however have been disappointed by this season; the 6:30 start, crap judging, promoting the ‘tradie’ (pictured above) etc."

However, Idol still has many fans out there that will defend the show to the death. Blogger Ravi posted this in defence: "All those with Idol problems you need to go to axe swingers anonymous. It’s better to have a competition where the unexpected occurs rather than one where you know the winner from the start. It will get better and the fact there is no stand out may work to the shows advantage. Wild card night is for the best of the rest so it is no wonder it rated lower."

Personally, I have been a big fan of the series since day dot and haven't missed an episode yet this season, but I was really disappointed when producers axed Kyle and got Sony employee Jay Dee to replace him. I thought this was a bad move in my eyes as Kyle gave the show some bite and it was fun to watch him tell it like it is and so far Jay Dee has failed to impress me.

I also think the 6:30pm family friendly time-slot is hurting ratings figures as well and I just think after 7 seasons people are losing interest. It happened to Big Brother last year and unfortunately I think Idol may learn the same fate.

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