Thursday, August 6, 2009

What about Jackie O?

by Peter Lang

While her on-air 2Day FM radio partner in crime Kyle Sandilands continues to be persecuted in the metropolitan media over what's becoming known as the 'failed Lie Detector stunt', his blonde beauty co-host has seemingly escaped most of the criticism.
Reports have Jackie O at her million dollar hobby farm in the Kangaroo Valley with her husband Lee, while Sandilands continues to cop the brunt of the media circus that surrounds him (literally).
Just why she and the producers of their top rating morning show on 2Day FM continue to escape criticism is beyond me. As far as I'm concerned they are just as culpable as Kyle was in this whole debacle.
Please, don't even get me started on the mother of the 14 year-old child who shouldn't have put her daughter in the situation in the first place....but that's another story.
I'm not suggesting for a second that Sandilands is the victim in this whole convoluted mess. He's unfortunately reaping what he sowed by over the years repeatedly abusing numerous sections (and people) in the media. They were just waiting for their chance to nail him in return and you can't blame them for their retribution. For as the saying goes, 'if you can't can't take it, don't dish it out'.
In saying that he shouldn't be hung out to dry on his own either.
It appears at this stage at least....he is.