Monday, August 24, 2009

"This is International Idol"

by Nathan Taylor

Last night Australian Idol revealed its new judge to replace Kyle Sandilands, Sony Music talent scout Jay Dee Springbett. Something interesting about Jay Dee is he is actually British. Which brings me to think Marcia's originally from the US and the other judge Dicko is also a fellow Brit.

What's going on..? All our judges are ex-pats and while Marcia has been in the country for many decades now, she still has her American accent and Dicko and Jay Dee are fairly recent to our shores and both also hold a strong English accent.

So what's wrong with Aussie judges..? They dumped Mark Holden and now Kyle who were very Aussie... So why not rename the show 'International Idol'.

Bloody Hell...

(Pic: TV Tonight)