Saturday, August 22, 2009

Missing Poster 2 - Revenge of the Jedi

By Peter Lang

There's an interesting back story to this week's missing movie poster.
Back in 1983 when Star Wars Director George Lucas was about to launch the third movie in the original Star Wars trilogy, he went to the marketing department and saw the title "Revenge of the Jedi"on the proposed movie poster and realised that the emotion and act of 'revenge' is not in a Jedi Warrior's ideological make up.
In fact, a good 'Jedi Warrior' doesn't even feel the emotion of revenge.
So, despite it being suggested to him by producer Lawrence Kasdan, that 'Return of the Jedi' was a weaker title, he went with it anyway and the poster to your left became an instant collectors item and a classic.
The other mistake to note in the poster is the colour of the light sabres. Luke Skywalker is holding a red one, while Darth Vader is holding a blue one. This of course, should be the other way around.
So that's this week's missing poster, ahhh the memories it brings back.
Wait until next week.