Thursday, August 20, 2009

Batman III - Is on its way!

by Peter Lang
What you see to your left is another 'fan-made' movie poster but again, it's so good, I just had to share it with you.
This story however is about the upcoming third installment of the re-born 'Chris Nolan inspired' Batman series.
Batman Begins & The Dark Knight were such visually and storywise, well constructed movies that pressure on producing a third installment of the same calibre is causing the film to be constantly put back on Warner Bros movie schedule.
Before his untimely death last year, Heath Ledger was all set to return as the Joker alongside new villain 'The Riddler'.
Now, all these plans have been shelved with producers not even contemplating going with another actor in the role of the Joker, especially after Ledger's Academy Award winning portrayal of that character.
Chris Nolan is also no certainty to return to the franchise in any capacity, be it as producer, writer or director, so affected is he reported to be by Ledger's unexpected death. Sources close to Nolan say it would be too painful for him to be involved in a third Batman movie.
Both Gary Oldman and Michael Caine are however expected to reprise their roles as Commissioner James Gordon and butler Alfred Pennyworth.
At this stage Warner Bros are adamant a third Batman movie with Christian Bale in the title role will be made but no one is willing to confirm when filming will begin. Industry experts are predicting a May 2011 release date at the earliest.
We here at 'The Xtra Source' will be sure to keep you posted.