Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back on air next week!

by Peter Lang
It's been widely reported today that The Kyle and Jackie O Show will be back on air Monday week on 2Day FM.
The pair's sabbatical or suspension or break or whatever you want to call it will soon be over and the terrible twosome will be back to their old tricks in no time. Or will they?
I actually think for a short time at least, Kyle and Jackie O will behave themselves in the hope of getting back into the good books of the Sydney public and media alike. They certainly can't afford another negative media storm like the one they've just been through. I know there's a saying, any publicity is good publicity but not in this case.
Personally, I don't have anything against either of them. They are extremely talented on-air personalities who run a super slick and entertaining breaksfast show however their recent run of constantly highlighting people's misery was getting a bit tacky.
Let's hope they return to what made them enormously popular in the first place.
Oh and one more thing, Austero, never, ever let Geoff 'the newsreader' Field try and run a program on his own.
His attempt at trying to be a co-host last week with Chris Page was an unmitigated disaster. He was simply hopeless. He bumbled, stumbled and fumbled his way through three hours of excruciatingly painful radio.
Stick to reading the news Geoff and the occasional quip and skit with Kyle and Jackie O and leave the rest up to the professionals.