Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bruno scripted?

If you failed to catch Bruno on Rove the other night, all you had to do is watch Today Tonight or A Current Affair last night and you would've caught the same show.

Bruno aka Sacha Baron Cohen has been criticised in recent weeks for rehashing the same gags on all his appearances he's made on either talk shows, radio shows or even press conferences and this has been evident during his first few days in Australia so far. He only seems to be tweaking his jokes slightly to accommodate Australian audiences.

I personally don't find Bruno as funny as Borat, I'm worried to think the best parts in the movie are all in the trailer and the movie will be no where near as funny or as successful as Boart. I will check it out however, as I think the man's a genius and the way he takes on these characters are so believable. I just wish he or his script writers informed him that hearing the same joke over and over can lose its humour.

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