Saturday, December 5, 2009

Paranormal Activity 2 - Coming soon

by Peter Lang

With Paranormal Activity now the most successful low budget movie ever made (surpassing The Blair Witch Project in 1999) , it's no wonder Paramount Studios has already sounded out the makers of the original to produce a sequel sometime in 2010.
With box office figures for the film now well over $105 million in the US alone on a budget of just $15,000 is it any wonder they're keen for a number two.
At this stage there's still no word whether Steven Spielberg will be involved in any way with the project but there's no doubt Hollywood and audiences became a lot more interested in this independent film once Spielberg became involved. It's believed the original ending will be an option for the DVD version of the movie. Many who have seen it say it is even better than the one Spielberg came up with and which was ultimately used.
Producers are tight-lipped about a sequel but Extra Sources say a deal is only weeks away from being made official.
Let's hope they watch the sequel to Blair Witch in 2000 and don't make the same mistake twice.