Monday, November 9, 2009

The Vampire Phenomenon - feat TWILIGHT!

by Peter Lang & Nathan Taylor
The world is in love with vampires all over again.
The Twilight movie series and Vampire Diaries have become a part of modern day Pop culture phenomena.
As the teenage world awaits with bated breath the release of New Moon, the Twilight sequel on November 19, most of them weren't even born when The Lost Boys, another popular vampire movie, made its cinematic debut in 1987. Most of them were still playing with their Barbie Dolls when Buffy was slaying them during the late 90s in her hit TV show. Now, this same teenage audience is making vampires cool again.
Years ago, dreaming about vampires like Dracula would scare you silly. Nowadays, dreaming about vampires like Edward Cullen is something teenage girls...look forward to.
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