Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon on track to beat box office of Dark Knight

by Peter Lang

New Moon is going ballistic at the US Box Office with its final three-day figure (plus midnight screenings) expected to finish just over $140 million dollars.
That makes it the biggest weekend of 2009, easily beating Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’s $109 million three-day performance.
It is already the third biggest weekend of all time and its Friday single day take of $72.7 million is the biggest single day in box office history.
Analysts are now guessing and double guessing whether New Moon has the ‘legs’ to beat last year’s mega hit The Dark Knight which grossed a phenomenal $533,345,358 in the US alone.
After three days Batman was around the $150 million mark so not much difference there but New Moon will have to have a solid second weekend with a drop off of 30% or less if it has any hope of beating the final total held by Heath Ledger and the rest of the Batman gang.
Worldwide New Moon has also opened strong with an $118,100,000 total so far. In Australia the movie grossed an incredible $16 million dollars, also a new record for Aussie cinemas.
Stay tuned folks, next weekend will be make or break as far as beating Dark Knight records go. Can New Moon become the second highest grossing movie in US history. The Extra Source will be here to let you know and give its final prediction.