Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jason Voorhees is set to return in 2010

by Peter Lang

Despite mediocre reviews and only moderate box-office success for the Friday the 13th reboot earlier this year, Paramount Pictures are talking about teaming up with producer Michael Bay again for a reboot sequel due to hit our screens late 2010.
It’s all just speculation at the moment as a script isn’t even finished yet but the movie is believed to be ‘in pre-production mode’ whatever that means.
Both Damian Shannon and Mark Swift have been commissioned to write the screenplay and rumours have the movie featuring elements from the fourth original Friday the 13th to the last.
There are even rumours that Jason may end up in Manhattan once again which would be good as the eighth movie explored that concept without actually fully realising it by having Jason spend most of his time on a boat.
More rumours have both Derek Mears returning in the title role of Jason Voorhees and even a bigger role for Nana Visitor who would play Jason’s mother Pamela Voorhees in a series of flashbacks.
Much like the Halloween 2 remake last year tried to wrap up the Michael Myers story in two movies, producers are hoping this second Jason Voorhees movie will do the same for another legendary character.
Personally, I’d love to see another Friday the 13th movie incorporating the best elements of movies four to nine with a return to New York and maybe even a battle with a psychic girl as in part seven.
The reboot series still has at least one more movie in it until of course, Jason vs Michael Myers. Now there’s a movie we’d all like to see.

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