Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hot Shot Sunday - The Vampire Diaries

The hottest show in the world at the moment is The Vampire Diaries based on the novels of the same name by L. J Smith.
The series began in the US in early September and has already been extended beyond its initial 13 episode run to a full 22 episodes due to its average audience of over four million per show.
It's also made big stars of its three main characters Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert, Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore and Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore (pictured above).
In Australia it airs on Monday nights on the free digital channel GO! while in the US it's raking up some big numbers on the CW Network every Thursday night.
It's nowhere near at the level of Twilight yet in terms of teen vampire popularity but if the series and its teen stars continue to grow in stature as they have over the last few months, don't be surprised if talks of a big budget movie begin to resonate through the corridors of Hollywood real soon.