Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hotshot of the Weekend 2 - Tickled PINK!

This is a great picture of superstar singer Pink just released to the world-wide media last week via specifically to show off her many sexy tattoos and of course that's why it's posted right here on the Extra Source as our second HOTSHOT of the weekend but to make the post a little more interesting I've also put together some 'Pink Facts' courtesy of Australian website
* During Pink's Show on May 1 during 'Glitter in the Air', she slipped while the ribbon was been lifted into the air. So instead of singing, "Have you ever felt this way?", she sang, "Have you ever felt... Scared sh*tless? .... If I had fell, would you have laughed?"
* Funhouse has been certified five times Platinum in Australia with 418, 826 albums been sold.
* In Australia, Pink's album I'm Not Dead has been certified 8x Platinum, and has sold 560,000+ copies.
* In Australia, Pink's I'm Not Dead tour sold about 307,000 tickets, breaking Kylie Minogue's previous record. Although only seven shows for the tour were announced for Australia, the demand was so high the the total amount of shows rose to thirty-seven. Majority of these shows were sold out.
Story compiled by Peter Lang.

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