Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hey Hey it's over again...

Well unless Channel 9 give it the greenlight for a full season in 2010, and if ratings are any indication whether Hey Hey will return again... then it's a sure thing.
Hey Hey rated through the roof again last night achieving 2.3 million viewers around Australia and probably a few more thousand around the world watching LIVE online. This was an extra 100,000 viewers than last weeks first special.
However, the night has been over shadowed by the 'Jackson Jive' Red Faces act which American singer Harry Connick Jr was heavily offended.
In a recent 7 News poll 80% of people WEREN'T offended by the skit. I must agree I didn't think anything of it when I saw it and still don't. It's funny how Aussie's are so much different to our American friends.
In a Special Edition of The Extra Source Podcast which will be available from 8pm tonight we will weigh in on if we think Hey Hey should be back next year and also the debate of this OTT (Over The Top) reaction of the world's media to the 'black face' Red Faces skit.
Check out the act here:

(Pic: TV Tonight)

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