Friday, October 16, 2009

Beauty & The Geek Australia tops 1 million viewers

by Peter Lang

Channel 7 executives are smiling, ratings figures for the home grown version of Beauty & the Geek are quite strong with the reality show garnering an Australian wide audience of 1,067,000 viewers.
Executives are usually happy with anything over one million. Melbourne leads the way with 360,000 viewers closely followed by Sydney with 335,000.
I admit, I do enjoy the show which is based on the hugely popular American version and find watching good looking women interacting with socially challenged nerdy men fascinating.
Already you can see the 'beauties' changing their perceptions of men they simply viewed as 'ridicule fodder' when they first laid eyes on them.
There actually seems to be a bit of a spark developing between a few of the couples and I'm led to believe things actually get a little steamy between one couple in a few weeks time once the remaining Geeks undergo their makeover.
Unfortunately there was no spark between Kate and Alan who were voted off in episode two.
Can these 'odd couples' really learn something from each other? Or is this simply more reality TV rubbish? Trust me folks, this show is not as pathetic as you might first think and like the beauties and geeks in the show, first impressions aren't always the right ones.

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