Thursday, September 10, 2009

Halloween 2 : The Terror is Back!

This is not a movie that everyone is going to like but if you're a horror fan, like me, then I'm sure you're looking forward to the Australian release of Director Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 remake or should I say, re-telling of the 1980s movie classic.
Zombie did a great job two years ago when he remade the original Halloween movie and judging by the feedback of horror enthusiasts in the US since its release a few weeks ago, the sequel is even better.
Although the critics hate it which probably means it's a good movie.
This time we get to go deep into the dark recess of killer Michael Myers mind, a place so menacing and tormented that it will make your skin crawl and your hands tremble in fear at what you'll find.
As with the original, Zombie not only directs the movie but writes and produces it as well ensuring that his vision is carried out without being diluted in any way.
I personally can't wait to see the sequel but I might have to wait until it's released on DVD in a few months time as no Australian theatrical release date is forthcoming at this stage.
If you're a horror buff however and wish to see the preview. Simply click below and enjoy!

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