Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Will there be a Spider-man 4?

by Peter Lang

The picture on the left is a movie poster of the upcoming blockbuster 'Spider Man 4'- the only problem is, it's fake. It's damn good and very professional but it's a fan made fake.

The truth is no one really knows if a fourth Spider Man movie will ever be made. Not one of the original cast members has actually signed and there's still no word on a director. No one has given the green light for production to start, there isn't even a script.

Of course that hasn't stop thousands of fans from around the world taking their enthusiasm and passion for a fourth Spider Man film, into their own hands and creating hundreds of fake movie posters and video trailers promoting a fourth installment that, for the moment, exists only in their minds.

Who knows, maybe all this Internet hype will inspire the 'big wigs' at Sony Pictures to get their act together and start making a movie, millions of fans are waiting for.

Meanwhile, while we all wait for the actual movie to be made, I'm going to leave you with a cool link to click on. Here is the best fake 'fan made' Spider Man 4 trailer on YouTube. Now it may not be the real thing but it's pretty damn good nevertheless. ENJOY!