Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Britney's 'Circus' a hit in Sydney!

by Nathan Taylor

Screw the rubbish reporting, screw the Britney bashing, screw journos who aren't even Britney fans who write bad things about her because it's apparently good reading. This is the real Britney Spears 'Circus' tour review from a fan that actually went to the concert!

Last night Britney Spears performed her first ever show in Sydney and managed to excite and thrill the crowd with a spectacle like no other.

The Britney experience was jam-packed with circus 'freak show' performers, hot dancers and some amazing visual features.

Each time Britney hit the stage for a new song she would change costumes, there would have to have been more than 10 costume changes throughout the night and each one more spectacular than the last.

While after all the media coverage the crowd were well aware of her lip-syncing but that didn't detract her fans from enjoying the concert. For the record, she did perform one song live 'Everytime' which sounded absolutely amazing.

Her other hits performed were 'Toxic', 'Baby one more time' and 'Womanizer' all in which excited the crowd for a bit of a dance.

A Britney Spears concert is definitely a spectacle. It's 90 minutes of unforgettable hits, amazing dancing, remarkable visual effects and you get that great wondrous feeling of seeing such an amazing pop icon live in front of your eyes.

So well done Britney and we all hope it's not too long between visits!